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Long Term Review: Bontrager XXX road shoes.

Bontrager XXX shoes

I've been riding a pair of Bontrager XXX road shoes since July, here are my thoughts after 4,500km. (more…)

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Why so serious?

Why So Serious? EX JOCOR GLORIA - Glory Through Fun.

There's a long-standing habit in cycling to portray the sport as hard, gritty, requiring a singular level of machismo to participate. Perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated than the Rapha mantra "EX DURIS GLORIA" - Quite literally "Glory Through Suffering." I'm not going to criticise Rapha - or anyone else - for this approach; it's marketing that has struck a chord with a significant portion of the cycling population. However, I am going to question why this has to be…

Quick Tips: 5 pointers for newbies Pt 5

We were all new to cycling at some point and while you'll pick up pretty much everything you need to know over time there are some things that will (hopefully) make things easier if somebody tells you at the outset. Problem is, there's not always someone to tell you these things. So here's the final tip in a 5 part series for newbie cyclists. (more…)